3 Secrets to Starting Your Freelance Business


Do you ever think of finally "getting out" of the corporate grind? Are you green with envy of those who attend noon yoga - guilt-free (without sneaking away)?

Or, maybe you love to solve problems and help people yet you find your valuable experience are under appreciated by your company or boss.

Freelancing may be just the next career move for you!

In fact, it's one of the fastest growing fields in the new gig economy. But... how do you start?

Can I share a secret?  Well, actually secrets. I’m about to give you my BEST advice for starting your own freelance business. 

Which, BTW is a business you can create FAST using what you ALREADY HAVE.

So let’s not beat around the bush. You MUST set your foundation with these 3 things first.

SECRET #1 - Define your WHAT. What client problem are you solving? Be able to clearly articulate how you will be the answer to your clients’ prayers.

SECRET #2 - Define your WHO. Who exactly will you serve? That’s right, YOU get to pick who you work with. Be very picky here - think DREAM client (they do exist!).

SECRET #3 - Define your WHY. Why do you want to be a freelancer? Another income stream? Vacation on your terms? More freedom (ahem, noon yoga). Notice a theme - everything is entirely up.to.you.

Are you ready to start your own freelancing business? Check out my post to see if a freelancing business is right for you!

Or, let’s chat! Send me a note at: holly@hollyknoll.com

About Holly

Holly works with professionals to create services-based businesses using expertise and strengths they already have. Holly is the creator of The Consultant Code, a program will have you up, running, and profitable with your services-based business in 60 days or less! Want to learn more? Drop her a note at: holly@hollyknoll.com