How To Network Like A Boss


Do you dread networking or are you having trouble finding time to do it?

I love a good system, so here are 3 simple steps you can do weekly, monthly, and on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re connecting with the RIGHT people… your future clients! 

  1. Ongoing - Keep a running list of current/previous/potential clients and contact information. There’s great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help you manage this - Insightly is great and free - or a good ol’ Google Sheet will do.

  2. Weekly (Sunday nights are great for this) - identify 2-3 people you want to reach out to that week. Then, actually reach out! Send an email, offer to meet for coffee or a quick phone chat. Alternatively, sending a link to an article relative to their role or industry will also keep you fresh in their mind.

  3. Monthly - Identify 2-3 events (Meetup is great to find local events, by topic) where your ideal clients are likely to be. And then make it official - schedule the event on your calendar and hold yourself accountable for attending (yes - actually attending is key!).

Systems work - good systems save you time and yield maximum results. 

Commit to this system and I promise you’ll see results. You’ll find new clients, connect with others who can introduce you to ideal clients, AND you’ll stay top of mind with your existing/previous clients.

There are many people who want to do business with you… now it’s time to go find them!

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