4 Steps to an Inspiring Workspace

Three coffee shops, thirty minutes of irritating Southern California traffic and I finally found it: A space where I felt myself come alive and ready to get to work. More about the space in a bit but this got me thinking, does work setting really matter? What do we do if we find ourselves in a “less than ideal” space to create and work?


I was searching for a place to spark my creativity. Somewhere beautiful, where I would be at ease, and where I could comfortably immerse myself in thoughts and ideas. After the third noisy coffee shop, I still was not getting work done. Discouraged, I almost called it quits for the day. And there it was, across the street, right before my eyes. My favorite hotel in Laguna Beach. It hit me, THIS is where I need to go.


I’ve walked into this hotel lobby many times and have felt IT before. A sense of thrill and freedom, that something exciting is about to happen. Yep, all this from a hotel lobby. I love the energy from welcoming atmospheres, beautifully planned design and flower arrangements, and travelers rushing to and fro. So much so, I try to duplicate a similar vibe in my home (minus the check-in desk).


So here I am, in a beautiful space in front of the ocean, peacefully collecting my thoughts for this post on inspirational workspaces. Why didn’t I think about coming here in the first place? My mind wanted to tell me all the reasons I could not work in an amazing setting (only coffee shops are for work, or, I may be asked to leave a less traditional spot). I am here to tell you that a great space IS accessible, and important! No matter how out of reach it may seem, try to find a way to work there anyway. You will not be disappointed with the results.


Why work in an inspiring setting? What is the big deal? Well, consider the results of a project completed in a place where you come alive versus in an environment that sucks at your soul. How might the results of your project be different?


If you do not have the luxury of picking the physical location in which to work, not to worry. Here are a few simple steps to bring your place of inspiration to your workspace:


  1. Imagine. Think of that one place that you love. Your happy place on earth. Imagine the sights, sounds, and smells.

  2. Identify. What stands out the most, what about this space do you love the very most?

  3. Create. Find objects that remind you of this place, souvenirs, quotes that motivate you, anything that brings you to your happy place.

  4. Surround. Surround yourself with your very favorite reminders of your space and look at them when you need a little extra spark in your day or an extra boost of creativity or positivity!


My results? Clear thoughts, less stress, and a completed project all while breathing in the fresh ocean air.

I want to hear from you! Where do you do your best work? When you can’t get there physically, what do you do to bring it to you?

Holly works with professionals to create services-based businesses using expertise and strengths they already have. Holly is the creator of The Consultant Code, a program will have you up, running, and profitable with your services-based business in 60 days or less! Want to learn more? Drop her a note at: holly@hollyknoll.com