Hello! I'm Holly Knoll.

I am the creator of The Consultant Code and I help aspiring entrepreneurs build profitable services-based businesses by turning what they love into what they do… in 60 days or less!


I began my career at a “Big 5” technology consulting firm and after spending 14 years working at Fortune 500 companies, I decided to start my own consulting and coaching business and be my own boss.  Five years later, I now work with people like you to do the same: build your services-based business.

The best part? Business ownership allows me a life on my own terms… often with a latte or green smoothie in my hand.

Do you want to start your business but you’re not sure where to begin? Or do you have a side hustle and you’re ready to turn it into a full-time business? I've got you. I'll bring my my savvy project management and problem solving skills to the table, you bring your ideas and anything that might stand in your way.

I’ll help you get started AND find ways to save precious time and money in the process. It's time to turn what you love... into what you do!



Who you work with?

The type of projects you take on?

How much money you make?

When and where you work?


Are you ready for more freedom and choices?

Let's take your business from an idea to a reality - with a solid action plan. No flying blind here. We'll use my proven program to clarify your business goals, identify your dream clients, and build your profitable business that shines with your clients! 

Holly has coached me tremendously. She has been the catalyst in pushing me to focus on what I want in life and setting a path to achieving it. Holly helped me understand what I want and I’ve founded my own company and am happier than ever before. Thank you Holly for all that you have done, I highly recommend working with Holly if you’re looking to get out of the hamster wheel and be the maker of your destiny.
— Reet

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