3 Ways To Make Returning From Vacation Easy Breezy


The hardest part about going on vacation can be returning to daily life after vacation. Here are a few things I've learned over the years to make the landing back into reality a little softer. 

You've just returned home from an incredible, relaxing vacation. While it feels good to be back in your own bed, you know you've got suitcases that won't unpack themselves and a refrigerator that won't fill on its own. And then there's the overflowing Inbox and work the next day. Or maybe not... which brings me to my first tip.

1.  Give yourself one.more.day. Schedule your vacation with an extra day at the end to allow time for settling in at home versus returning straight to work. This extra day will lessen the shock to your system before you return to anything fast-paced. You can use this day catch up on sleep, unpack suitcases, and just chill before the storm at work hits. I mean... what is a better feeling than returning from vacation knowing you don't work the very next day? If you can't take an extra day, here's how you can make your Monday awesome

2. Have your groceries come to you. With many cities offering grocery delivery services, this is the time to take full advantage. Preorder your groceries on the last day of your vacation and schedule them to be delivered the day you get back. Voila... a stocked fridge just like that! I love Instacart and Amazon Fresh - they have many delivery windows to choose from. 

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Airplanes and travel, in general, can be very dehydrating. Staying hydrated can help fight exhaustion and will keep your overall health in check. Speaking of dehydration… that means hydrating your skin externally as well. I LOVE a moisture face mask to help my skin bounce back. My favorite hydrating mask is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

I'd love to hear what tricks have worked for you. Share in the comments below! 

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