3 Superpowers Every Side Hustler Must Have

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Side hustles are all the rage these days. Perhaps you're thinking about starting one. So exciting right?! Hello to a life of freedom and flexibility... and to maybe ditching your 9 to 5. For good.

But before we pop the champagne, let's check in (you know, reality and all). Side hustles are can be difficult to launch AND sustain. Why? Chances are you've also got a full-time J.O.B. 

Not to worry, here are 3 superpowers I believe will help every side hustler succeed in the long run. Warning: these powers are not for the weak, they take a whole lotta chutzpah... 

  1. Drive. This power is THE MOST IMPORTANT. THE MOST. You'll likely be working in your off hours - you have to be willing to work toward your goals while balancing your full-time job. Your business will not build itself, if you do not have drive you will not have a business. I've given up many a mimosa Sunday brunch in favor of working on my business from my kitchen island with a green smoothie.

  2. Patience. You may be following successful business owners - yes, they make it look easy and like their businesses were built in a day. I promise you, their businesses were NOT. (and hey, comparing ourselves to others feels like crap anyway, right) Successful side hustlers have been in the game for years, and through many ups and downs. You're in this for the long run, successful businesses aren't built overnight, the ability to hang in there when you want to quit is key.

  3. A sincere desire to help people. Nuff said. Your business is not about you, it's about your customers. If you can fulfill a need and your product or service helps someone, you're on your way. Remember who you are serving and why you are doing it. If you genuinely care about your clients, it'll show in everything you do. If you don't really care, that will also show. Your side hustle must be something you do because you care about improving peoples lives in one way or another.

That's it! Sharpen (if not perfect) these superpowers. Sometimes you may feel more drive, less patience or vice versa. Honor the process and stay with it (oh hey, patience), the success of your business is entirely up to you.

What superpower is your strongest? The one that needs the most work? Post in the comments below! 

Holly works with professionals to create services-based businesses using expertise and strengths they already have. Holly is the creator of The Consultant Code, a program will have you up, running, and profitable with your services-based business in 60 days or less! Want to learn more? Drop her a note at: holly@hollyknoll.com